Cake Info

Which do you like the most, cake or pie?Cake.....Yummm
Pie.......It hits the spot
Both, I just love dessert!
Neither, I'm a cookie person
​Simply Heaven
376 Main St. N.
Searsmont, ME 04973
All Baked goods are fresh and from scratch!!
Wedding Cake Price List
Buttercream: $2.75/slice
Cream Cheese: $3.00/slice
Chocolate Ganache: $3.00/slice
Fondant: $3.75/slice
Additional items will add to the cost of your cake. Please contact us with any ideas and we can give you a quick quote. Also, if you have any pictures of the cake you want please bring them to you consultation to help us with the design. There is a $25 consultation/tasting fee, if you choose us to make your wedding cake it will go toward your total of the cake. 
Wedding Cake Cupcakes
If you would like cupcakes instead of a wedding cake we do that too. We can create beautiful, delicious cupcakes for you.  Each cupcake starts at $2.50 each and may increase in price depending on the decorations wanted.  A discount may be applied for large orders. Please contact us with any questions.
Special Occasion Cake Pricing
Pricing is based on iced, filled, non-tiered cake
Let your imagination run wild. Party cakes can be in any shape or form. You can go with a traditional round or square or you can go crazy and have a frog cake or one that looks like a loaf of bread. The sky is the limit. 
Round    Price    Servings
4"     $14.00    2 
6"     $24.00    12
8"     $30.00    20
9"     $40.00    25
10"    $48.00    28
11"    $56.00    37
12"    $60.00    40
14"    $78.00    63
Note: All cakes are 3 layers of filling and 4 layers of cake. Fondant cakes add $5 more to the price, chocolate ganache is $5 more to the price and fresh fruit is $5 more to the price and all is per tier. All 3D cakes are $20/hour with most being a minimum of 3hrs.

Sheet Cakes:
1/4 Sheet    30 Slices    $40.00
1/2 Sheet    90+ Slices    $75.00

Other Than Cake
Coffee Cake: $22.00
Brownies: $3.00 each
Large Cookies: $1.25 each
Large Muffins: $2.50 each
Scones: $3.00 each
Sweet Bread Loaf: $12.00 each
Quiches: $22.00 each
Whoopie Pies: $3.50 each
Pies: $18.00 each 8-10 slices
Pot Pies: $22.00
Party Platters starting at $40.00 serves 48+
Gluten Free Items:
Bread Loaf: $7.00 
English Muffins: $1.25 each min. of 12
Cookies: $1.50 each
Bars & Brownies: $3.50 each
Whoopie Pies: $4.00 each
6"     $28.00
8"     $34.00
9"     $44.00
10"    $53.00
Pies and Quiches available too.
Available during December:
Yule Logs: $25.00 ( chocolate sponge cake filled with coffee buttercream
Gingerbread House Kit: $20.00
Sip and Decorate
Starting in January 2016 we will be hosting a Sip and Decorate class for adults. Bring a friend and your favorite drink and enjoy a kid free night. For $35 you get a dozen cupcakes to fill and decorate while you enjoy the company of good friends.  Payment is due prior to the class starting. sign up early because space is limited.