Open Tuesday- Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm Summer Hours
Call ahead orders are accepted before 11:30 and After 1:00pm
Follow us on for location and Menu changes
‚ÄčEverything is made fresh, to order using as much local products as possible

1/3#, 85%, Fresh, Local Angus Beef. Served on a Brioche Bun W/ Fresh Cut Fries
American Burger(mustard, Ketchup, Pickles): 11.00
American Cheese Burger(mustard, ketchup, pickles): 11.00
Bacon, Cheddar Burger (mustard, ketchup, pickles): 12.00
Bacon, Cheddar BBQ Burger: 12.00
Bahn Mi Burger (jalapino,cucumbers, pickled veggies, cilantro, sriracha Mayo) 12.00
Bacon & Blue Cheese Burger (mayo) 12.00
Weekly Specialty Burgers available follow Facebook for Updates

Local Fresh Grilled Chicken Sandwiches served on Sourdough Bread W/ Fresh Cut Fries
Classic Grilled Chicken (mayo,spinach, tomato) 12.00
BLT Grilled Chicken ( Bacon, Spinach, Tomatoes, Mayo) 13.00
Grilled Chicken Bahn Mi ( Jalapenos, cucumbers, Pickled veggies, Sriracha Mayo,Cilantro) 13.00
Weekly Specialty Chicken Sandwich Available, follow Facebook for updates

Grilled Cheese Served on Sourdough Bread W/ Fresh Cut Fries
Classic Grilled Cheese: 9.00
Grilled Cheese with Bacon: 10.00
Grilled Cheese with Tomatoes, Mozzarella, fresh Basil: 10.00
Grilled Cheese with Spinach: 10.00
Mackenzie Grilled Cheese (pickles): 10.00
BLT: 10.00
Weekly Specialty Grilled Cheese Available follow Facebook for updates

Grilled PBJ with Homemade Jams and served with Fresh Cut Fries
Grilled Blueberry PBJ: 8.00
Grilled Strawberry Rhubarb PBJ: 8.00
Grilled Peanut Butter & Fluff: 8.00
Grilled Nutella & Fluff: 8.00
Kids Pack: sm. Grilled cheese, PBJ or Hot Dog with 100% Apple sauce and Juice box: 6.50

Fresh Cut Fries: 5.00
Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries: 5.00 (1.00 with sandwich)
Penobscot McCrum Farm Fries: 5.00 
Tater Tots: 5.00 (1.00 with sandwiche)

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee: 4.00 (Flavors available)
Fresh Lemonade: 4.00 (seasonal & flavors available)
Local Cider: 3.00 (Hot served in Fall)
Local Sodas and Drinks Available too.
Whoopie Pies: 4.00
Brownies: 3.00
Lemon Squares: 3.50
Cookies: 1.75
Gluten free Pastries & Bread Available
Soups available in the Fall, and take home dinners ( mac&cheese, chili, ect) Follow Facebook for special and bagged Lunch info.
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